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Coin Purse Tacco Fiorentino Classico


The unique leather coin purse from Florence – ‘il Tacco Fiorentino’ – in its traditional shape.


The seamless leather coin purse ‘Tacco Fiorentino’ is one of the most famous Florentine handcrafted masterpieces. It is made out of one single piece of fine calf skin called ‘Cuoietto’ and tanned with vegetable extracts to maintain the original properties of the leather and is entirely seamless with no stitching. The production of the ‘Tacco’, as Florentines call their beloved coin purse, takes more than 20 days and is entirely done by hand with the expertise of Florentine artisans.

Due to the nature of artisan craftsmanship colors may slightly vary.

100% handmade in Florence Italy by Carlo Carmagnini.
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Height 7.8cm
Width 7.8cm
Depth 2cm


Genuine Leather


Carlo Carmagnini – Made in Firenze

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