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The Store

ADRIMAR is a family-run store in Florence Italy with a welcoming and familiar atmosphere. It was founded by the Carmagnini family in 1975 and specializes in high-quality Italian products. The main store is situated next to Pizza Santa Croce, which is the historical district of leather craftsmanship and the boutique is located close to Piazza Signoria and the Uffizi Gallery.

Florence, the European leather capital, is famous all over the world for the craftsmanship and exceptional executions in leather products. In 1947 Carlo Carmagnini was born into a family of artisans and craftsmen and after some years abroad he returned to his hometown and started together with his family ADRIMAR. Initially it was a perfume and cosmetic store, the first of its kind in whole Florence, situated in the heart of the city, at Piazza Duomo. After some years the family turned it into a store for exclusive leather accessories.

The Brand

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In 1990 Carlo Carmagnini founded his own brand. He had the vision to not only create the finest leather products that Italy has to offer but also to attempt to keep alive the knowledge of the local artisans that are fast disappearing due to mechanization. The combination of Florentine’s craftsmen expertise and Carlo Carmagnini’s focus on design and details made the products soon known for its high-quality and durability.

Over the decades the product range grew to a collection that stands for strong traditional roots and innovative techniques. The designs are classic and recall the buzzing daily life of the renaissance capital Florence. Owning a Carlo Carmagnini item is like owning a piece of Florence.

The collection includes ‘Treccia’ handwoven leather artworks, the traditional Florentine masterpiece ‘Tacco Fiorentino’, unique pieces made from soft Tibetan goat kid leather as well as classic pieces made from the most exclusive genuine leather types.

The brand Carlo Carmagnini is exclusively available at the family-run store ADRIMAR.

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EXPO 2010 Shanghai

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Carlo Carmagnini had the honor of being selected by the Italian government to showcase the quality and expertise of Italian leather craftsmanship to an international audience at EXPO 2010 in Shanghai.

The video shows the famous seamless coin purse ‘Tacco Fiorentino’ and other Florentine leather artworks demonstrated by Carlo Carmagnini inside the Italian pavilion.

10 Year Anniversary

Celebrate with us the 10th anniversary of EXPO 2010 and get a 5% discount on your purchase. Simply enter the code ‘expo2010’ at checkout – valid until 31 December 2020.

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